SOLD 29m Focused Super Pilot (Amarr/Caldari)

Highly focused, specialized with the Amarr/Caldari Carriers/Super Carriers

Located in Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet, No kill rights
Annual Remap Available (Currently Intel/Memory)
2 Bonus Remaps Available
29.1m SP + 81,000 Unallocated SP = 29.2m SP

JC 1 - located in Jita 4-4 - 475m
4x +5s (No Charisma)

JC 2 - located in 1DQ - 0.8b
HG Amulets - Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Delta only
This JC may not be accessible depending on your standings

Approx. 2b of skillbooks

Buyout 25b - I’ll reply during EU TZ

Corp has been dropped, skillboard just takes up to 24 hour to update

15 Bil I pay now


isk had ready

19 bil


22 bil



25b buyout

Accepted, pending isk/account name, please post when sent and ill hop on

Been 8 hours, back on market, price is still 25b

im wake up bro isk will sent in 8hr

I’m heading off in 30mins, if you send the isk/account before then, I’ll get it done. Otherwise I’ll check in the morning

It’s morning here. What time is it there. I need my morning shipment to get isk. So give me a minute

Typically people sleep for 8 hours

19 Hours later and still not received any isk/account, so back on the market…

First to offer 25b takes this character

yes I will sent after dt

Post when done, until then, I’m still accepting 25b offers from other people

i had sent an email to you

Isk received and transfer started

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