[Sold] 31 mil SP Rorqual / carrier pilot

(Alexis Ataru) #1

For sale: Alexis Ataru

I made this char to fly the Rorqual and all the carriers, it has all the skills, but I haven’t trained all of them yet.

Some highlights:

  • All carriers en rorqual to lvl 3 or higher

  • Can fit industrial core (30 days for T2)

  • 13 days for panic module

  • Can use Excavator mining drones

  • Can train for traige module

Check it yourself :wink:

All rules apply, Char has positive wallet and sec status, located in high sec and I will pay tansfer fee.

Char has 1 clone with 4 implants for +5 training, 1 clone with mining foreman mindlink and MG Nomad

Place your bid or send me a mail


(Mila Utrigas) #2

Hello! 21b offer

(Alexis Ataru) #3

Looking for a bit more, extracting the skills would give me more then 21 bill.

(Mila Utrigas) #5

22b? :slight_smile:

(Scareface Haklar) #6

26 bil B/O offer

(Alexis Ataru) #7

If your buy out is still the highest in 3 days, I will take it.

(llluXep) #8

27 bill BO offer

(Alexis Ataru) #9

Getting even better

(llluXep) #10

30 bil BO ready now

(Alexis Ataru) #11

Buy out accepted, please send is and account info to this character

(llluXep) #12

isk sent and account info in eve mail

(Alexis Ataru) #13

22 Dec 2017 04:57

EVE Character transfer

Good luck with the character, it will be yours in 10 hours.

(system) #14

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