[SOLD] 33.3M SP skillbag, The Shipless Wonder

EveSkillBoard Link: ESB Siin iin


I’ll cover the transfer fee

SkillPoints: 33,321,038

Wallet balance: Positive

Remaps: 2 available, annual + bonus. (do these even matter anymore…?)

Kill rights: None

Jump clones: High Sec and NPC Null Sec

Current Location: The shiny new station at Jita 4-4

Note: This pilot does not have the skills injected to fly any ships, because I went a little crazy with the extractors and I ate a lot of paint chips when I was a kid. They fly a mean shuttle tho.

18B/O, because I want to keep 2B budget adjustment skills

@wootoon_ZHD 18B accepted. Send ISK to Siin iin, please. Let me know the account you want it transferred to, and I’ll start the transfer when ISK is received. Thank you.

Another buyer made the same offer an hour after you did. I’ll hold this character for you for 24 hours from the time of this post. That’s January 5 at 9:11am PST.

18.5b offer

@Avcies_Kautsuo Since I’ve already accepted the offer from @wootoon_ZHD, I have to give them until the deadline I mentioned in my reply. If they don’t send the ISK before that deadline arrives, then the character is yours for 18.5B.

Thank you for waiting. ISK and email have been sent. Let me know when the transfer is complete

ISK received. Character transfer initiated. Thread title updated.

Screenshot 2021-01-05 054301

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