SOLD - 4.8m SP - Starter Toon. Mining / Incursion Ready

Selling a toon that has been focused on basic industry and incursion.

  • No kill rights.

  • No Jump Clones

  • Very little assets (25m Retriever)

  • Can fly a WARP TO ME Incursion entry Vindicator and Hyperion

*Positive wallet.

Auction End Date : 26/05/2020 @ 21:10pm (EVE TIME)

Starting Bid : 2b
Buyout : 4.5b

I will pay fees, ISK comes to this character.

1 Bil

Starting bid is 2.5b

Sorry mate… Can’t pay that much for this character… Good luck

Bump - Changed starting bid.

Would you accept 2bil buy out, fair and probably more then u would get for that toon.

No thanks. I can wait for better offers.

Bump updated skill sheet

Will you take 3 bil for buyout?

3.7B Bid


Character Sold. Please send isk and account information

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Character Transfer Initiated

Dear ##########

You have chosen to transfer the character Lenir Elar to the account named Miner#####.

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