SOLD 45m (1,5m unall.) Phoenix, Minokawa, Rattlesnake, Sin, Anshar pilot

In Jita, 4x +4 implants. Other clone also in Jita.


Caldari dreadnaught 5
T2 siege
T2 capital torpedoes
Great jump skills
Great fitting and engineering skills
Jump freighter 4

Can fly Minokawa, Sin, Rattlesnake, Caldari interceptors, Gallente transport ships

All CCP rules are followed.

Price: 36-39B.

If agreed, I can initiate transfer later tonight, as another char is being moved at the moment.

For emails please write Frank Pannon.

36b offer

if you accept my offer. ISk is ready now

37 bil

I offer 38B

If noone else offers more, than I accept 38B, send ISK and account name.

EU tz, going to bed now.

EDIT: Rose offered 39B, I accept, Rose please send account name and ISK.

39 bil

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isk and account info sent to Kamele,

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