*SOLD* Alt training into marauders / PVE missions

Training to BS 5 for marauders but minimizing my accounts.

Toon skills - 16mm total SP, mostly focused

Located in Penirgman.

Positive wallet, no kill rights, no jump clones, 2 bonus remaps.

Net worth is ~575m, wallet is 40m.

Starting bid 7 bill, BO 9 bill.

OBO since I don’t REALLY know the value of these things.

I’ll do 7.5 bil, net worth and wallet can’t count into the sale unfortunately so your best bet is to transfer or move everything.

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I’ll accept that, so you’re okay with me selling the abaddon and transferring the wallet away prior to the sale / transfer?

Assets dont go with a char, so what you do with them is up to you, not the buyer. So you would have to either sell it or move it to another char, and as long as the wallet is positive when selling (includes after isk is sent to you, youll need to transfer it to another char before proceeding to sell)

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8b offer

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Good to know, thank you!

The first guy hasn’t replied to my acceptance so if you do before he does, it’s yours.

Are you on atm?

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I will be for the rest of the day today likely - let me know when you’re around

Hey Max, you around?

Is this for sale I have isk ready now 8.2 bil .

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I’m online now if you are!

I am yes wanna make this transaction?

I would love to get this done tonight if possible that would be super awesome

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I can get on right now!

Awesome I’m in now

Isk in the amount of 8.2 bill sent to briony Stryker

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Received and transfer initiated – will check back tomorrow!

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Juat confirming that the toon was received.

Thank you for a smooth transition much appreciated fly safe o/