Sold at B/O

55,998,853 SP + 60,000 Unallocated SP = 56,058,853
69 ship skins
Notable skins Cryptic Mimesis for Dominix and Typhoon
Positive wallet
-1.4 sec stat
No kill rights
All jump clones in high sec
When sold will be in Jita 4-4

SB 40B

confirming that I am for sale


Is that a b/o offer
if so sold
send isk and account details in game

Emmm, which character I should send isk to?

Vanora Vida… …and i need account details to transfer the character to

isk and account information sent, pls check

having an error when trying to transfer

Target user not found or not active.

confirmed isk received

is the account that you want transfered to active

wait a second, I will check

What about now

still coming up with the same error

ok, fine, I will send you an other account, pls wait.

new account information sent.

plz send in a mail my account needs to be offline to start trasfer

mail sent


05 Jan 2020 02:18

EVE Character transfer
Character Name: Vanora Vida

Will be completed after: 1/5/2020 12:18:07 PM

should start showing as transferring

fly safe


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