(sold) WTS 38m sp jump frieghter pilot/dread pilot

Postivie wallet
In jita
No kill rights



Looking for 25ish bil


Because I don’t need cargo ship skills

I understand, if there is no other interested folks ill consider your offer or if you can do 23b ill consder the subject mater sold

How about 22b?

  • I can’t seem to open the link

Link works for me I’m not sure


Sold at work right now is it ok to handle in about 6 hours?

OK,no problem

If you agree to the transaction, please send a confirmation to accept the quotation of 23B and provide the name of the role accepting isk

I will send confirmation mail and character recieving isk when i get home

OK,no problem

in game mail confirmation sent, awaiting isk for transfer

According to the trading rules, I can only transfer isk to your current role

2022.03.29 22:24 Player Donation -23,000,000,000 ISK 184,533,420 ISK [r] twilight Dracula deposited cash into Helena Royal’s account
Isk has been paid, please start the transfer, The account ID which you will transfer thecharacter to is: mengz0221

character transfer initiated

Character Name: Helena Royal

Will be completed after: 3/30/2022 8:32:21 AM

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