SOLD - beefed up newbie char (10m sp). Planet Mgmt + Destroyers focussed

Stripped a bunch of skills from him, good at planet mining, flying destroyers (lvl V for each race) and general admin support.
[Character Sheet]
I just don’t use him anymore. Will consider all offers.

  • No jump clones.
  • Basic (+3) implants for attributes currently installed.
  • 3.5mil in isk.
  • Character currently docked in Funtanainen ((0.9, 2 jumps from Jita).
  • No kill rights apply.


6.75B B/O

Edit: Retracted

Not after a great deal. All (reasonable!) offers accepted.


6 Bil

6.5b bid

7 Bil

cancel the bid

7bil bid

I will up my offer to 8b b/o.

Thanks Eli, if that bid still stands, Trogg is yours.

Bid stands. Can send ISK right away.

ISK and account information were sent.

@Trogglodite please confirm the received ISK and post when the transfer has been initiated.

Character received. Thank you!

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