As the Title says WTS the below:

Wolf BPO - ME10 / TE18 – Sold @ 200b
Avatar BPO - ME8 / TE8 – 75b (NPC Price but with research)

Feel free to evemail / post here will check as able

I didn’t even know T2 BPOs were a thing.

Offering 175bil for Wolf BPO.

Bump – In Game offer on wolf of 180b

Looking for 10% above the current offers at least… don’t forget 1 was recently purchased for roughly 190b and died Gallente Shuttle | d0Ci0n | Killmail | zKillboard

Their pain, I feel it.

Oh no! That’s pretty much game experience ruining. 190b loss… sheesh…

And well deserved for moving that in a shuttle.

Lost his 8b pod as well

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Daily Bump – IG Offer on Wolf of 190B, looking for slightly more and it sells

XD I didn’t know it could even get that high. Must have had, what, Ascendancies? Then custom hyperlinks in the 7th through tenth slots?

Cheese kapaya!

Daily Bump for Avatar

Wolf is on Contract for IG offer of 200b

Daily Bump for Avatar

Wolf is officially sold


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