WTS super/titan BPOs

Avatar ME7 70B
Avatar ME8 98B
Ragnarok ME7 60B
Ragnarok ME8 78B
Leviathan ME8 100B
Nyx ME9 35B
Nyx ME10 TE16 SOLD
Hel ME8 25B

Mail me offers ingame. List might be updated later.

Still on sale. Remember to use ingame mail since I don’t check forums all that much

Thread bump, all still available

Thread bump, all still on sale. ME8 Wyvern added.

Thread bump, all still on sale

Thread bump, come get em

Thread bump, all still available except the ME8 wyvern which just sold

Thread bump. Still available.

Still on sale

Still available.

Still on sale.

17 for wyvern

Last wyvern BPO is sold. Rest still available.

Still on sale.

Prints in the first post are still available.

Thread up, still on sale

Thread bump. Edited since a couple sold.

Aeon & Wyvern sold.

Rag ME6 and Nyx ME8 prints sold. MotD updated.

Get em while they’re hot, supercap BPO prices climbing fast as production ramps up again!