Kia Ora ( Hello )
As the Title Suggests, I am selling this pilot, Basic Cyno operations and a few other basic skills :slight_smile:
Few Highlights :
Recon ships level 3
Cov ops 1
Electronic Upgrades 5
Cybernetics 4 ( Has a full set of +4 standard implants )
Can fly all racial frigs, including Triglavian precursor frigate and modules.

In 3 days Gallente Cruiser 5, therefore can fly the Force Recon ships.

Transfer will be paid by me and all other CCP rules apply.
No kill rights.
Positive Wallet.
Located in High Sec Gallente space.

Starting at 3b and I will let this run for 3 days from today.

3.1 bill

3.2 bill

3.3 bill

3.5 bill

3.6 bill

4.0 bill

BO price ?

Winner of the Auction , Once you send the Isk I will start the Transfer process.
Thank you to everyone else for their bids.

isk arrived
Please check your account.

would have paid 6 easy If you dared answer me, you lose :slight_smile:

Isk Received.
Transfer Underway

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