Force Recon/Cyno pilot for Sale


I’m an Arazu/cyno pilot with 100% magic 14
+5 implants for perception, memory, intelligence, and willpower.
Regular Neural remap available now + 1 Bonus remap available
I’m in jita 4-4 with no killrights and a postive wallet. I have one jump clone with no implants in high sec in the Bleak Lands.

20 billion isk buyout


Thanks, but I’m looking for a little over extract value, otherwise I’d just keep him as an extract thrall for myself.

I’m already offering above extraction value.

Ah, yep, my bad. I wasn’t accounting for 3.6% sales tax on the injector sale side. Apologies – I’d just calculated with the broker fee. If you’re still up for it, 17bn works for me.

Sure, let me sort a character slot out. I’ll send details and isk in about an hour

Isk and details sent

Hey, thanks! Character is on the way! Enjoy! Sorry again about the crappy math on my part :slight_smile:

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