Sold (close)

Almost at my price! Anyone wanna bid on t0xic??? :nerd_face:

Any offers!?!?

I can 40 bil for t0xic, he isnt worht much higher.


To the top! :point_up:

let see some offers!

can do 41 bill

Characters have been extracted down to be focused rorq pilots and prices have been adjusted, bid away!

20 B/O for Gaius

Buyout accepted, send isk and account info

Isk and account info sent

transfer initiated, t0xic is still available!!!

Can do 14 Bil for Toxic Today

def can do better than that! to the top! :sunglasses:

14.5 Bil for toxic

14.75 Toxic

Character received. Thanks

deal done on t0xicAngel PM in game deal at 19.5

Offer of 19.5b accepted, awaiting isk and account info

sent isk and account info, awaiting transfer