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Wish I could afford the twins, but I can do 38 bil for Geralt Boirelle

Gaius Nardieu 30B

Geralt 30B

Geralt 31B + Gaius 31B

Gaius Nardieu 32b

Kat Boomer, I accept your in game offer. Send isk and account info, I’ll transfer after work. Thanks for the other offers so far!

Geralt 32 bil

Gaius 33B

Gaius Nardieu 34B

Gaius 35B

Isk and account info sent. Thanks!

Gaius Nardieu 36B

Gaius 37B

isk and account info received for Geralt, transfer started. if yall can go just a tad higher Gaius will be sold as well!


Gaius 38B