Sold delete

I am for sale.

Positive Wallet
In an npc corp
Located in a Major trade hub
no kill rights
positive sec status

Hauler, Scanning and Planetary interaction is what I do.

Start at 18b

12 bill

13b offer

Thank you for the offers, we need to do a bit better however, Thank you.

Can barely fly an anshar with JDC 2, Jump Fuel Conservation 1, Gallente Freighter 4 and only Jump freighter 1.

Willing to offer 13.5 bill

Hi and thank you, the skill training is slightly out of date from positing it seems, JDC is at 4 and JFC is at 3 working on 4 .
Gallente Freighter 4 is the last skill having any need there are no requirements for Gallente Freighter 5 Also there are no requirements for anything past Jump Freighter 1

JDC 5 is a must, claiming Jump Freighter 1 is fine means everyone else is using 40% less fuel than you while you do another cyno for every route … let alone without JFC 5 this is not commercially viable.

35 days for JDC 5
31 days for JFC 5
9 days Jump Freighter 4

At least another 2-3 months before this meets minimum Jump Freighter pilot requirements, happy to bump my bid up to 14.5 bill due to the extra week of training over the advert,

still for sale getting closer to 26 mil sp

13.6 bill

Need to get at least the extraction amount

Bump for the day

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