WTS 117 msp Mostly Jump Freighters/Dreads

Skills were initially focused on Gallente Jump Freighter. But then kept expanding to Gallente Dreads, all 4 faction Battle Ships. And Orca. And Gallente and Amar Transport ships.

At this point I am not very focused anymore. Now I have skills like Mining, and Planetary Interaction, and several Trade skills are 5 And Core drone and gunnery skills are V, with focus on hybrids.

Wallet balance 0 ISK. Located in station at Evati 0.2 security near Hek. With 3 jump clones. No Kill rights.

1 Jump clone in Jita, 1 in Amarr, 1 in Elore (Low sec in the Solitude region)

Take a look and see if you like what you see. I am asking 80 bil. I’ll keep watching this thread until Sunday August 28th. Or Early Buyout at 88 bil.

If I don’t sell, that’s ok. I’m not entirely sure I want to leave my owner, but they keep telling me I have a slightly silly name, and it hurts my feelings.

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Lowest bid?

I’m going to stick with 80 B as the lowest serious bid. That’s the skill drain value of 117 m sp + 2b. or actually I guess that is 79B. (because the first 5 msp can’t be drained.)

I know its better to start a bid lower, though. So it won’t offend me if there are lower offers. However I reserve the right to withdraw if it doesn’t get up to 80B.

If I had waited 13 days, I could have gotten my “Skill mastery” for Gallente Jump Freighters up to a perfect 5. Missing one skill for that.

Just bumping. I know I shouldn’t start out at 80 (may not even end up at 80)

I’ll entertain lower offers, but I only feel obligated to go through with it if it reaches 80 before Sunday.

I’ll do 75b.

Daily bump.

I will seriously consider the 75.

Ill offer a permanent 60b if anyone/everyone else falls through

Thought? just want to know if I should refrain on bidding from other things is all.

It was a hard choice, but I decided I want to stay with my owner.

Can always come back and sell here at a later time!

I’ll still go through with it if it gets up to 80, though, so as to keep my word on the matter.

I will go to 80 then, that work?

Yes. In fact since it is Sunday we can go ahead and close out now if you want.

80 is accepted buyout

Agreed, isk sent from my alt and eve mail sent with account to transfer to.

Isk received. Transfer initiated.

I look forward to joining your alts!!!

Let me know if anything goes wrong.

WIll do, thanks!