WTS 120m SP Marauder, Dread, JF

WTS 120m SP char, some highlights:

  • Marauders V
  • All 4 racial BS V
  • High end Moros skills
  • Naglfar with T2 guns in a few days
  • Max jump skills and can fly jump freighters, regular freighters and bowheads

Character comes with a +4 implant pod and a mid grade amulet pod.

Character and pods located in Jita 4-4, positive wallet balance, no kill rights and in an NPC corp.

Bidding starts at 70b (below extraction).

70 bil

Fair, going to give it a bit before I accept though since I just posted.

75 B !!

78B consider about

Accepted, send isk and account name to this character in game and I’ll initiate the transfer today.

OK thany you gweny, ISK will be ready in 24hours,PLS give me some time to gather isk

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ISK AND account name sent, initiate the transfer PLS

ISK received and transfer has been initiated, thanks and enjoy!

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