Sold- delete

(Banana 'Lama' SlamaYaMama) #1

offer acepted in game for 34bill

flysafe take care

ps kendar ill be headshotting u on grid shortly :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #2

You are missing A LOT of skills that I would think would warrant as a Hel pilot. Looking at it, it would possibly require a couple more months of training before I would even let it sit in one. Because of this, I offer 21B

(Banana 'Lama' SlamaYaMama) #3

Thank you for the offer but im afraid that’s too low , he has seen combat and done just fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Im negotiable on the price but needs to be a bit more

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #4

(So, from what I can tell from your killboard, T1 fighters because you aren’t trained into T2. No shield skills, JDC is only JUST getting to 5. Carrier 4, no advanced target management at all. No rigging skills to speak of, Cybernetics 3 in a super. Thermodynamics 1, Energy Pulse 1. Your “combat” seems to be killing what looks like an undefended tower because horde moved, and a single catalyst in what looks like a gatecamp. So, my offer still stands because after seriously looking through it, this pilot needs help and I would recommend anyone looking into buying this character, make note of what I have said above. It CAN sit in a hel, but with skilling atm, should it? Also forgot to mention, no burst projector skills, so good luck getting into that as well. ) In parenthesis in case of snip and to make it easier to snip, but think it is more objective and informative for potential buyers.

21B from me still

(Cyclo Hexanol) #5

Ill give you 10 bill. Would need to spend the rest on injectors to make the pilot ready to use it properly.

(Banana 'Lama' SlamaYaMama) #7


Im sorry your offer is too low

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #9

Alright, so before you get snipped by ISD there are more rules for this post you need to follow btw.

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This one is me being nice and not offering, still being on topic though.

(Cyclo Hexanol) #12

15 bill if the super comes with it

(Zintage Enaka) #21

Offer of 21bil if i get to keep the super

(Absolute Truth) #23

23b offered for this toon

(Banana 'Lama' SlamaYaMama) #25

Thank you for the offer , but im afraid its to low

Take care

(ISD Sakimura) #26

Please keep it civil.

@Banana_Lama_SlamaYaMama as you were told by @Mj11jM_Hegirin, you are to follow the rules of the Character Bazaar. Regardless of whom ever point it out.

I’m giving you around 12 hours to give the required information or I will close this thread for being in violation of the rules.

(Absolute Truth) #32

OP are you rejecting my 23b offer?

(ISD Sakimura) #36

Assets may not be included in pricing of Character, as such you can’t request assets along with it.

(Cyclo Hexanol) #37

My bad. I would like to go back to my 10 bill offer

(Zintage Enaka) #38

No super allowed my bad I’ll drop down to 12bil

(Cyclo Hexanol) #39


(Anita Pun) #42

I would like to offer on this glorious character, I will pay no more than 24billion isks. It is missing key skills needed for it to be a functional super character. and the name is lack luster and not funny.

(Banana 'Lama' SlamaYaMama) #45

Thank you for your.offer , I’ve noted it cheers

:sunglasses: hey I like the name :stuck_out_tongue:

(Absolute Truth) #48

Ill up my offer to 24.5b, good for 24h.