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Want to run burner missions in venal and make insane isk like goons/the russians/BL?

Well here are 2 alts to get you started.

12bil for both package deal. Can pull from level 4 agents for burner missions.

Note: website does not show true standing as it doesnt take in the skills. These guys can pull missions.

I am for sale: password: 1234
as is: password: 1234

i am also for sale:

Sister Awoken, in game has: 4.96 with Guristas Pirates faction. has 5.43 with Guristas Corporations.
Boots of Travel in game has: 5.09 with Guristas Pirates faction, has 7.98 with Guristas Corporations.

Boots of Travel:
5,466,855 SP
2 remaps available
positive isk wallet
no jump clones
no kill rights
located in jita 4-4

Sister Awoken:
5,075,505 sp
next remap 1/21/19
positive isk wallet
no kill rights
positive sec status
all basic implants plugged in

This is a Plex sale.

I will buy these, will contact you

confirm Kivasi will be buying both characters. will need isk and account info(s) sent to Sister Awoken.

I will buy these if Kivasi does not reply

daily bump

account info and isk received from Kivasi, ticket created for this character.

account info and isk received from Kivasi for this character, ticket created for this character as well. Thanks!

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