SOLD Female Orca miner/ barge IV with books read inside 7.3m


Have some rare books of leshak, indluding * Large Disintegrator Specialization

  • Can use orca mining
  • Mining barge IV
  • CYbernetics V
  • Decent drones / can use dominix
    • implants +5

I need sell her for free space

All ccp rules apply, is in hiogh sec, not killing rights, positive wallet

Offer decent and i sale

Answer the thread, dont reading Eve mail.

I can offer 4.1B

edit : 4b because the shitter on top edited his post

My b/o is 4.2b, you are near guys.

4.2b B/O

sold, sent the isk and account name i a transfer in some minutes, currently doing a quest in an alpha

Isk transfered and info sent.

Transfer done. Please answer the thread when you receive the real world mail from CCP.

Received transfer email from ccp. Thanks


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