SOLD fly safe

I am selling myself link to skills Here PW = 1234

Really useful Pilot with amazing skill set

90 skills @ level 5
Some nice maxed skills for RAGNAROK
good general skills to be able to park the Rag and join in the fun or earn isk, even flys Jump Freighters.

:grinning: Good selection of skins
:grinning: Isk Positive
:grinning: In NPC Jita
:grinning: No kill rights
:grinning: Positive sec status
:grinning: Isk to this character

:heart_eyes: I pay for immediate transfer so no hanging around

Start me where you want but serious B/O only or I will just use her.

Good luck and happy bidding

Mail me if you want more details or post here…

Link password?

Whoops my mistake but all done now… PW is 1234


If you can accept 62B, please notify me

I will accept your ingame offer [Quantum powered warship]

waiting for isk and account name to send her to

ISK paid and transferred to account by email notification

Isk and account details recieved but ccp are saying that the user name you sent me cannot be found

Is this account plexed and live ???

All done and in transfer Fly safe

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