[ SOLD ] Gallente SuperCarrier (almost) 74.5m SP

Selling my self
SkillQ.net - dronefish for 69b
Quantum Anomaly

“Almost” because I am missing the Jump Drive skills.

No Bounty / Kill rights
Positive wallet
Parked in High Sec

Just to know I already sold 3 and created the transfers.

I already reported you to support for harassment and offensive accusations without any proof from your side…

I am still… for sale!

Still waiting for my buyer!


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no jump drive skills?


I can agree at 68b (if no better offers made by the time of isk transfer) if you are willing to meet me there, please.

If Interested I can transfer at anytime today.

im gonna stay at 60

I am sorry. I can’t go for that low.

Thank you.

If you decide differently, I will be able to transfer character immediately for the next 2h.
Thanks again.

Still up for sale.

@Ryan_Phoenix Just realized what u said about jump drive… I was was talking for dronefish but was checking another toon of mine.

So (because I don’t like to mislead ppl) if you can do 65b I will go for it. I am also changing my title to almost because it’s inaccurate as is.

50 bil

Sorry. Not a single chance :slight_smile:

At 67b maybe we can meet.

Still up for sale!

@ Shinsou Tengen & Aelin Eoner

Any interest for me at 69b?
Thank you.