[SOLD] JF V + Almost Perfect Trade Skills + PI IV + ICE Miner [26.5 mi SP]

Starting price 26 bi

I can mine Ice, I can fly the Fenrir, I can create alliances, I am a Tycoon with lots of market order slots, I pay almost no broker fees and SCC taxes, I can extract and manufacture planetary commodities really well… I can fly Minmatar Transport Ships… I even have Starbase Defense management V.

Home System Cistuvaert
Background Gallente - Intaki - Diplomats

School Center for Advanced Studies
Corporation Aliastra

Expertises are as follows.

Advanced Trade:

  • Marketing Level V
  • Margin Trading Level V
  • Tycoon V
  • Accounting Level V
  • Broker Relations Level V
  • Daytrading Level V
  • Procurement Level V
  • Corporation Contracting Level IV

Improved Corporation Management:

  • Empire Control V

  • Diplomatic Relations V
    Am able to form alliances

  • Advanced Freighter Navigation;

  • Advanced Navigation Support;
    Can fly the Fenrir

Currently in High-sec
Locale: Cistuvaert;
One STD attribute augmented Jump Clone inside Rim’s Memorial in L-W
No Kill Rights active;
Some change in my wallet.

  1. Jump Freighters V

  2. Am able to mine Ice in Mining Barges

  3. Have Command Center Upgrades IV and Interplanetary Consolidation IV

  4. I have Starbase Defense Management V

I believe I am almost the perfect corporate manager :drooling_face:

Here is my EVE Board.

It has come to my attention that some people are really annoyed with cluttered assets and since I have performed region-wide trading for some time, as the sheer scale of the assets window scrollbar is a no-no for lots of people, I’m letting you know beforehand.

— Offer retracted—

FWIW assets shouldn’t be listed in your character posting as per the rules in the sticky:

  1. Items cannot be listed among the character’s valuable assets, only skills, implants, SKINs, and reputation. You are buying/selling the character ONLY and nothing else. Ships and items can be readily bought or sold on the market for ISK.

If you end up accepting my offer, feel free to move the assets to wherever. I’ll give you whatever time you need to get them out.

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Oh, you should also really remove that API key from the post. Assets aren’t supposed to be counted in your valuation, and everything needed to price your character is in Eveboard.

At the very least, remove eve mail access from that API key. Whoever buys this is going to send you an account name that probably shouldn’t be leaked the second the eve mail is sent.

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I understand your concern, but it is not there for reasons of valuation. It has come to my attention that some people are really annoyed with cluttered assets and since I’ve performed region-wide trading for some time the sheer scale of the assets window scrollbar is a no-no for lots of people.

API removed as per your insightful remark and assets list observation added to main post.

20 billion

Character is ready to sell. In highsec.

20.5 bil

21b offered

23 bil


26 bil

Going to close on this if no one bids more. Feel free to send me the isk. I’ll consider it sold when you do.

isk sent account info sent

@sparta93 sold, initiating transfer.

Still waiting for the start of the transfer email from ccp?

Yup… several hours now.

CCP’s billing system cannot handle my bank’s confirmation delay via SMS it seems. I’d already foreseen this and opened up a ticket for PLEX transfer via Vault, GMs are just taking long to see it, not sure why, workload maybe.

Filed the transfer ticket:
Yesterday at 12:18

Will keep you posted.

Transfer should clear in 3h50m.

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