SOLD Nice 9.75m Gank Frigate, Hecate Svipul and Haul

I am selling myself because the account expire tomorrow.

Freighter ready ( need the book but have advanced spaceship V)
Gallente Industrial V (can use DST with the book)
Minmatar destroyer +5
Can use a mining barge
Level V of small turret projectle, hybriyd, energy, light missiles, drones etc

Is in high sec, positive wallet, positive status (no criminal) rules ccp apply.

If interested answer thread, dont read eve mail.


Well, Considering are 9.5 Injectors , and the diff between injector and extractors are 350m

extractor value 3.3b and base 5m character is between 2.5 and 3 then i think 6b is a nice price, and is already low.

I offer 5.5b good for the next hour

Too low for me, i pay in Euros.

5.7 b ? Ready for transfer now

I’ll give you 5.75b for the pilot

@ Dadb0d

Deal, sent the isk and account name and i transfer.

Copy that, will have the isk sent within 30 mins here

Ok, please answer the thread when do so.

Isk and account info has been sent ingame!

Transfer Done

I have received the transfer email, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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