SOLD, No longer Available

WTS Mining alt (no capital)
14,273,979 SP
Sec status 0.1
in Ryddinjorn NPC station in NPC corp
No Jump Clones, No kill rights
Starting Bid 9b

9b ill take it

10b buyton

Are you still selling this account?

sorry man yes! i was on a hunting trip and away. probbaly shouldn’t have put it up before i left.

If Weinei doesn’t get back to me are you still interested?

yes, still interested?

8b offer

Sure, in game mail me and lets get this started

pls confirm with TriggerM as the isk will be going to that toon

Confirmed TriggerM i sent you an in game mail to confirm as well

isk sent and account details sent

Character Transfer Initiatiated to Bob Rock On Sept 21 at 9:43 AM PST. for the sum of 8b isk.

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