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Pilot: Grencia Mars


I received a lot of interest for this pilot, so here is the fearless Vanquisher pilot from The Massacre at M2-XFE. He has been featured in numerous online articles and fought in every major Imperium war over the last 12 years.

CCP rules apply

Excellent killboard

277,841,206 sp (346,000 unallocated)
+4.9 security status
Genolution Core Augmentation implant set
Remap available

Standings Highlights
8.5 Guristas (Venal burner missions)
7.8 Carthum Conglomerate (research agents)

Skills Highlights
Gallente Titan V
Minmatar Titan V
Doomsday Operation V
Doomsday Rapid Firing V
Capital Blaster Spec V
Capital Railgun Spec V
Spatial Phenom Generation V
Amarr, Gallente, Minmatar Battleship V
Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar Battlecruiser V
Black Ops, Heavy Interdictors, Interceptors, Interdictors V
Drones, guns, industry, market, leadership, production … the complete pilot

Skins Highlights
220 total skins
6 Erebus
2 Vanquisher
1 Nyx
2 Blaze Squadron
Numerous skins unavailable on the market

Reserve hidden

Bidding starts at 260B

The end of my legacy is the beginning of yours. Happy hunting!

The Character you want so sell here, has to confirm with his own Forumsaccount that he is for Sale.

I created new account. This is Marco Wulf.
I am waiting for 260b.

Can confirm I am for sale. Current bid is 260b.

In game message sent

Message has been replied.

Price agreed upon. Waiting for payment.

Isk and account sent to Grencia Mars

Isk payment confirmed. Character transfer in progress and will be completed at 1600 Eve. Thank you.

I received a great character. Thank you very much!

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