• NPC Corp
  • Positive wallet/sec status
  • No killrights
  • No jump clone
  • Character in lowsec - Lermireve VIII - 15


WTS perfect Avatar spec’d pilot. Comes with HG Amulet implants.

B/O: 50bil

Please update the post to include all required information listed in Welcome to the Character Bazaar.

Additionally the skillq link is private or doesn’t exist.

When complete, flag the original post and this thread will be unlocked.

Thread reopened.

40b offer

42b offer

Sorry too low… if b/o not met, I will extract all skills.

I offer 50b, only if you can do the character transfer within a day


accept, send me info and I will xfer now.

47b You can trade now

50, and I’ll send now.

Thank you and I wish you a speedy sale

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okie ill send then after 20min

isk and info sent to the character, check your mail and wallet .

Confirmed isk recieved, character transfer started @2311 eve time, to account provided in EVE mail.