Sold please delete

Want to sell a vehement, 25 bil, please lmk if you are interested

20b offer

sorry but after you tried to scam one of my friends i cannot accept your offers

wait what xD

what are u referring to?

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I have done some business with Legit Salesgirl in the past and he/she has never tried to scam me before… Besides if you set up a private contract you get to set the price :wink: I dont see how you could possibly get scammed if you know how to set up a contract properly.

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I can’t even remember the last time I “tried” to scam someone lol. I am very excited to see what he meant… haz zard u should maybe rethink ur friendship with that guy because he might be telling storys because he is pissed that I lowballed him , and if lowballing is scamming for you then rip my clean record :blush:

also if it makes you feel better I can switch to an alt and bid those 20b again if u consider that offer as “Valid” then :wink:

bump, price lowered, sorry it isn’t negotiable as i am only the middle man for the seller

25b ill take it

Sold, thank you for the business

Can confirm @Legit_Salesgirl has never scammed me. Done business plenty of times

It’s just weird he accused me but never explained exactly what he meant :frowning:


My seller wanted to see you a ascendancy omega, you tried to get them to pay you for the implant as well as hand it over, then tried to under cut them, by only doing 5 mil instead of 5 bil, then you proceeded to just leave the chat all together, you might have good rep with other people, but not with me, not when you try to screw over my friends

Are u crazy? That never happend show me the Chat log Right now right here… Your friend got that wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

I will bet 100b right now right here that it was Serenity Fireslayer… go ask your friend for the Chat Logs they are easy to find in the Document Folder -> EvE -> Chat logs , because that sounds 1:1 like what Serenity does all day lol

Get ur things right before u accuse people of scamming.

ah yes very good, ask me to post something that i do not have because it didn’t happen on any of my own EVE clients.
IF this was a misunderstanding then i will, ofcourse, offer my full apologies

You can literally ask your friend for the chat logs whenever u see him , Serenity is a cool guy and I just poked him ingame and linked him this Forum Post and he just laughed and said himself that was him and that he tryed to scam you about a High grade ascendancy omega.

That’s what he does all day and he does his job pretty well.
But thinking that it was me is just funny how did u got our names so wrong :smiley:

And it’s all cool I am not mad was just super confused because I myself would remember if I ever tryed to scam someone :smiley:

honestly i am going of my friend for information here, yeah i do see the funny side too of how i could have gotten it wrong because i know of his stuff too, almost fell for it a while back myself.
Look im not gonna bother to hear back from him for the logs, sorry that there was a misunderstanding

All cool.

It’s always better to sort something like that out Straight away otherwise it would hang in the air forever :smiley:

Gz on the sale and have a good day :sunny:

very true, thanks and you too

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