SOLD - please ignore

Hi all, I am for sale! (p/w: pew)

High to perfect skills for most subcaps and weapon types, including support skills.

Cap ready, just needs capital skill books and JDC trained. jump drive op is already to V. Fighters to V as well for a quick carrier pilot.

If you enjoy shooting people or shooting red crosses / symbols, Kaylee is the girl for you.

It’ll be easier to list ships that can’t be flown, so here is a complete list:
Black Ops (just needs Jump drive cal to IV)
Carriers / Supercarriers / Dreads / Titans (needs capital ships + relevant ship skillbook)
Paladin/Golem (Caldari / Amarr BS is at 4)
T1/T2 industrials, other than Amarr.
Freighters / JFs

Anything else can be flown, and should be very effective with whatever fit you come up with.

In Jita, positive sec status / wallet, no outstanding kill rights, in NPC corp etc etc
Also has two jump clones in null at the moment with some semi decent implants (mid grade crystal partial, and a learning / geno set) but given where these are they are a bonus included for no extra charge :slight_smile:

Make me an offer.

note: unallocated shows 680,000 SP, this is old and once the API updates again it’ll be fixed.

65 bil

@maizie thats a good start, lets keep it going people for this awesome potential bringer of death to your enemies.

bump :slight_smile:

65.25 bil

thanks, 65.25b is the highest so far, keep em coming.


65.5 bil

68 bil

Hey that is getting there!

B/O is set at 70B, Slaughter nuts will take it on Friday for 68b if there are no higher offers by then.

Congratulations @slaughter_nuts you’ve got the character for 68b, transfer the isk and send the account name in an evemail and i’ll start the transfer process.

EDIT: @slaughter_nuts may have already bought another character, offers open again unless they confirm they are still interested.

BUMP, i’m still for sale, 68b is now the new price for the first person with the isk to get this awesome character!

Confirming 65.5 bil

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@Maizie_Fields cheers for the confirmation, its a fraction under what i was hoping to go for, but if i haven’t seen another offer in the next 2 days it’ll go to you for that.

@Maizie_Fields congratulations you have Kaylee for 65.5B.

Transfer isk and send me an evemail with your account to transfer to and i’ll start the process.

ISK and account info has been sent. Thanks!

@Maizie_Fields Character transfer has been started, you should have it once the cooldown period is complete.

Thanks for the purchase, hope she serves you well!

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