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(Johnny Annihilation) #1

Strong subcap pvp skills across the board including Logi V
Solid Revelation skills including all T2 guns and ofc JDC V

Character is located in Amarr, with jump clones in Jita and D-PNP9.
Wallet balance is positive, no kill rights.

Notable activated SKINs:
Revelation Imperial Jubilee

b/o 75b

(Maizie Fields) #2

Cool toon!

I’ll put a 62b bid out there… free bump if nothing else.

(Lily Bukandara) #3

still sell? i will pay 70b

(Johnny Annihilation) #4

thanks for the bids, bump

(Lily Bukandara) #5

if you agree and bagin transfer in 10h form now, and not use plex pay transfer fee,i will pay you 80bil .

(Johnny Annihilation) #6

Besides me missing your post, paying cash for the transfer is not an option, sorry.

(Johnny Annihilation) #7


(Johnny Annihilation) #8


(Johnny Annihilation) #9


(Johnny Annihilation) #10


(GlebABT) #11

65 b bid

(Johnny Annihilation) #12


(Johnny Annihilation) #13

bo lowered

(Johnny Annihilation) #14


(Johnny Annihilation) #15


(Johnny Annihilation) #16


(Willi Gates) #17

71b online now with isk

(Johnny Annihilation) #18

Thanks, I’ll give it anoher 10h then it’s yours.

(Johnny Annihilation) #20

Waiting for ISK transfer!

(Johnny Annihilation) #21

For sale again since the other guy is AFK