SOLD Science & Industry ~21M SP

Sell me here, this toon has excellent science and industry skills, could do almost everything you want

~21M SP
56K free SP to spend

- Reprocessing skills
- 11 science slots
- 10 production slots
- Caldari Encryption Methods V
- Mechanical Engineering V
- Gallente Industrial V <-- Cover op transport ships

Positive wallet.
3 remaps available
No kill rights

Starting: 10b
B/O: Make me an offer that I can’t refuse :slight_smile:

The auction lasts until 13/06/18
Happy bidding

12b, im online right now

14B ready to go

15 bil

15.5 bil

18b buy-out, good for a limited time since I’m looking at other characters.

@edvind Just for the sake of making sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed, would you please post that offer acceptance with the character being sold? Will send isk & account info via in-game mail as soon as that happens.

@Analise_McKeon offer accepted, please send me your acc info in game. I’m going to sleep and will do the transfer after wake up.

Isk & account information sent.

Money received, I tried to transfer but the payment page is not working atm. Have sent a ticket to CCP, sorry for the delay.


We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.
Character Name: Taroon Lokkin
Will be completed after: 6/11/2018 10:19:52 AM

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