[SOLD] WTS 20.6m Industry & Science Alt - 2007 Char

Selling this 2007 Industry & Science Alt with 0 wasted skillpoints (Only pay for what you really need).


Location: Jita 4-4
0.0 Security Status
0.0 ISK balance
No kill rights
2 Bonus remaps available
+4 Implants


9.7m Skillpoints in Science (Includes Advanced Laboratory Operation V)
5.9m Skillpoints in Production (Includes Advanced Medium Ship Construction V)

Relics of the old days:

7.6 Minmatar Republic and 7.5 Gallente Federation Standing (For anchoring POSes in Highsec… when that was a thing).
Access to the best Datacore Agents (Remember those? Yeh, me neither)

25b b/o
18b Starting bid

I’ll pay the transfer fee.

Answers will probably be slightly delayed due to work and stuff.

18b offer

Thanks for kicking this off :slight_smile:

Offering 19b


19.5 B/O Isk Ready

Thanks for the offers.

Keeping this open until the weekend.

Sent u an Eve Mail. hope for your response.

Replied and bumped :slight_smile:

replied to you via mail.

Ingame offer of 20.5Billion Isk placed on Forum.

waiting for Confirmation.

Offer for 20.5b received and accepted.

Awaiting ISK transfer and account information.

ISK and Account Information sent to @Lisa_Eeber

waiting for transfer :wink:

ISK received and character transfer started.
Char should be available at 8:40pm EvE Time.

Thanks for doing business :slight_smile:

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