I have these toons for sale.

they all have possive wallets

no killrighs

marla and bitfrombehind is located jita 4-4
bitontherock is located Perimeter TTT Keepstar

0 jump clones installed - has 0 implants in - almost perfect rorq and industrial pilot SOLD - 0 implants - almost perfect rorq and industrial pilot - SOLD - Has Memory Augmentation - Improved and Cybernetic Subprocessor - Improved

password for all 3 is 1234

give me some offers on them

starting price is

Marla 35bill b/0 40 bill SOLD

Bitontherock 27 bill B/o 32 bill - SOLD

bitfrombehind 10 bill B/O 15 bill

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2.7B offer for Bitontherock

Thanks for the offer but that is way to low

You’d probably be better off actually putting these in the price check forum, and not here.

I would say for bitontherock probably 22 Bil
maria maybe 33 bil…
and bitfrombehind 9 bil…

those are most likely starting bids, depending on how the skills are and all that. im just judging by the SP that each have.
other things that can change the price is if there’s JC’s with implants, or killrights, SKINS… all those are different factors that can make up what someone will be willing to pay.

sorry for my english mess up the number.
offering 27B actually


keep in mind @bitontheside if you do sell these, you can change the title to show that you are selling after you drop corp, and then you’ll have to follow the character bazaar rules and post the relevant information that it asks for.

and be sure to inform corp that the characters are being sold before you drop corp.

First ofalli just wanted to know the price on them to deside if i want to sell them or not

let see if someone offers more if not its yours

confirm for sale

confirm for sale

confirm for sale

still need to drop them from corp. that is one of the main rules is they must be in NPC corp for the entire duration of being sold.

They are all dropped from corp

daily bumb

are you still interrested?

i m interested in Marla can it fly fax?
offering 27b

it cant fly fax, but should be easy to cross train her into that.

thank you for the offer but 27bill is not enough for her.

how much for Bitontherock ?

I have 1 offer for bitontherock on 27bill

i can go max 30b for Marla