Offering my mining char.

Ice Harvesting 5
Mining 5
Reprocessing Efficiency 5

No kill rights, located in Perimeter, NPC Corp.

Offer 4 B (5 B ISK BO)

4b already

Ok, send me the Full ISK and tell me the acc where you want the transfer…

already send you in game

Character Name: TX11 Aivo

Will be completed after: 8/16/2020 12:13:26 AM

nice you’re so quick

I forgot to withdraw the ISK from the character … omg …what happen in this casses?

i have consulted with can take ticket to CCP tell them what happened,they will resolve it.
or i will send you isk again after i receive the character.

I think it is more practical that you send me the ISK again, send it to my alter char Ultra Kuma.

Thank you.-

i think so,i will send isk to you char Ultra Kuma after i received char if you agree.

I totally agree, and thank you!

no thanks

ISK has send to you char Ultra Kuma

All good bro, thanks for your buy.

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