Hey Folks

After 10+ years of eve & due to some real life issues limiting my play time, I’ve decided to scale back my eve accounts.

Highlights include:
Capital Ships 5
3 races of dread 5 (with t2 siege, t2 guns)
2 races of carrier 5
All 4 races Battleship, BC, Cruiser, Destroyer and frigate 5)
26 mill SP in guns
11.5 in missiles
23 mill SP in Drones
Command ships 5
Recon 5
Marauders 5

Positive wallet
No Kill rights

Starting price


The toon is now in high sec (with crystal and asklepian clones also in empire)

PS will do an automated transfer via CC (my expense) to expedite the transfer

Need this toon gone before sub runs out (jan 2nd)


Ill start you off at 135B.

Christmas day bump ! (today, for all the other aussies out there)

PS i also come with the Kronos Police Skin !

along with a lot of others because looking good when you’re killing ■■■■ / dying is important you know.

140 bil


Hey Maizie

You have met the buyout, so the toon is yours.

Awaiting confirmation of purchase, transfer of isk and receipt of account name to transfer to via evemail.


Contact made in-game. Will send ISK and account upon your reply!

Done mate.


ISK and account info has been sent. Thanks, CS!!

ISK received, account transferred to the account name via the paid automated system.

Cheers mate

Transfer confirmed by CCP. Cheers!

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