Sold sold

Elmo Cesaille

Lia Ambraella

confirmed i am up for sale

confirmed i am up for sale

Considering there’s quite a bit of wasted SP, I’ll start you off with a 15B offer for Lia.

Lia 15.5

I’ll also start Elmo at 15b. Would be perfect for what I’m lookinh for.

Starting bid is 25b not 15b

if you extracted all un-needed skills, removed the implants, got rid of the unallocated SP, could you do 15b?

can u consider sell one character if i bid 21b ? both them have not learn the carrier skill… thats the flaw

40 bil for both

42 Billion for both

42.5 bil for both

43.5 for both :slight_smile:

43.55 bil for both

44b for both

44.10 bil for both :kissing_heart:

20b for Lia

@oosnyt Please edit the original post to comply with the Character bazaar Rules

you are selling these pilots as carrier pilots but they dont have any careir skills even injected just the fighter stuff

No it says carrier project. It’s up to you which carrier skill book you go for.