Sold sold

(oosnyt) #1

Elmo Cesaille

Lia Ambraella

(Elmo Cesaille) #2

confirmed i am up for sale

(Lia Ambraelle) #3

confirmed i am up for sale

(Brann Skye) #4

Considering there’s quite a bit of wasted SP, I’ll start you off with a 15B offer for Lia.

(vnbo ian) #5

Lia 15.5

(Brenda Pontus) #6

I’ll also start Elmo at 15b. Would be perfect for what I’m lookinh for.

(oosnyt) #7

Starting bid is 25b not 15b

(Brenda Pontus) #8

if you extracted all un-needed skills, removed the implants, got rid of the unallocated SP, could you do 15b?

(Pranda Xeon) #9

can u consider sell one character if i bid 21b ? both them have not learn the carrier skill… thats the flaw

(tradertrader1) #10

40 bil for both

(Perpetualed) #11

42 Billion for both

(tradertrader1) #12

42.5 bil for both

(Perpetualed) #13

43.5 for both :slight_smile:

(tradertrader1) #14

43.55 bil for both

(Perpetualed) #15

44b for both

(tradertrader1) #16

44.10 bil for both :kissing_heart:

(Kamel Fera) #17

20b for Lia

(ISD Norros) #18

@oosnyt Please edit the original post to comply with the Character bazaar Rules

(El Cuco) #19

you are selling these pilots as carrier pilots but they dont have any careir skills even injected just the fighter stuff

(oosnyt) #20

No it says carrier project. It’s up to you which carrier skill book you go for.