Sold - transfer finished

paladin / ikitursa character, can fly nestors and leshaks as well. used for cyno, c5 site running

  1. 815,000 isk (positive)
  2. no kill rights
  3. No clones of note except a mid grade armor (used for paladin) pod in beanstar
  4. Gallente High sec Duripant

(waiting for api to update, character is in npc corp as of this post going up)
Starting bid is 25b, buyout 35b

Can you do an Anomaly Quantum by this link ?

22b offer

i would prefer at least 25b but im not completely against 22b, will wait and see if someone goes over, but only waiting a few more hours

alright you wanna buy for 22b?

yes´╝îi will

alright lets make it happen, want to eve mail account name and send the isk?

just a moment

ISK and Eve-Mail send

character transfer started

Character transfer complete :slight_smile: Cheers