Sold, TY!

Sold, ty!

40b, got isk ready

Thank you! Going to let this stay up 1-2 days to see if there’s any other interest, if not it’s yours.

Very nice account, Being honest worth more than 40B. Skins + implants alone worth a nice amount.

Would offer 45B as a nice offer for you.


Thank you for the offer! Going to let this go until Friday (the 8th), 22:00 Eve time.

50b buys it out before then!

50b b/o lets go

B/O accepted, please send this character the 50b along with an evemail of the account name receiving the transfer. I’ll get it initiated as soon as that’s done.

Sent and sent

Isk received, character transfer initiated! Hope you enjoy it after the CD!

Thank you!

Character received

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