[SOLD]WTA JF/Mining/capital alt - 47m SP - All jump skills V


I am for sale!

Reserve: Hidden
Bid only in this thread. Mails/convo will not be answered.

Starting bid: 20b

Auction end: 25.11.2017

Positive sec status
Positive wallet
In NPC corp

Eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Gabriel_Zamayid
Password: asd123


  • All jump skills V
  • JF IV
  • Amarr Carrier III
  • Legion
  • Hulk

36 billion

36.5 bil





Reserve is 40B.

Any offers at, or above 40B will win auction.

37 bill

I’ll do 40b today, but only today.

Accepted. Transfer isk.

Isk and account name sent in game.

ISK and accout name recieved. Sorting assets before transfer.

Transfer started.

Character received, thank you!

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