(SOLD) WTS 107 mil PVP recon alt ORION (Saraf ALT)

This has been my alt since I came back to the game and now due to life stuff he is no longer needed anymore.


Covert Cyno and Loki/Tengu/Prot Ready, near perfect missile skills plus all support skills.

Also near perfect drone skills just finishing spec 5 on all races.

Positive wallet - 15mil sp
Good KB - Orion 0-1 | Character | zKillboard
Multiple Mid grades sets (see below/all located in Jita)
No killrights.
Located in Jita 4:4

x2 crystal
x1 Asklepian
x1 Talisman
x1 Snake

Positive Trig/Edencom Standings.


80B offer

Extract Value is more plus the skins and other bits and bobs if you can do 80 you can defo do 85.

Also the transfer cost is in the 5 bill.

Thank you

If it’s cheaper, I’ll go prepare the ISK

84B ISK ready, if you accept I will start transfer

done deal

When isk is sent ill set up transfer asap

OK wait me a moment

no rush

isk sent, email sent, good luck o7

cheers dude will start it now

ISK received character transferred, enjoy

thank you and I will wait for 10 hours!

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