SOLD - WTS 117m SP Industrial Capital Pilot

WTS 117m SP Industrial Capital Pilot for sale - DR4C4RY5
Currently in NPC corp
Positive wallet balance
No kill rights
Docked in HS (Jita 4-4)
5.0 Security Status
I pay CCP character transfer fee

B/O: 75B

Notable Skill Capabilities:
Rorqual, Subcap mining, Jump freighter, Carrier-capable, high Drones, high Resource Processing, high Production, high Planet Management

3 sets of implants:

  • Set of +5s (Jita 4-4)
  • Jump clone - Set of +4s w/o Charisma implant (ROIR-Y II - Sisters of Eve Bureau) 0.0 NPC station
  • Jump clone - Set of +3s w/o Charisma implant (Hek - IChooseYou Market and Industry) HS Sotiyo freeport

Comes with 113 skins. Valuable ones are listed below:

  • Rorqual Capsuleer Elite XIX
  • Hulk Lodestrike
  • Epithal Planetary Extraction (Upwell)
  • Prospect Rockbreaker Pioneers

Bump to the top. Buy-out price lowered!

Private buy-out offer accepted. Awaiting ISK and ready to transfer.

ISK and account name received. Transfering now.

ISK and account sent , Wait transfer.

Transfer complete

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