SOLD: WTS 133 Mil well rounded char

(Djavol Firebreather) #1 no pw needed

  • in npc corp

  • in highsec

  • pos wallet

  • pos sec status

  • no kill rights

  • tech 3 pilot all subs lvl 5

  • all tech1 ships up to BC lvl 5 all tech2 up to BC lvl4

  • all armor and shield lv5

  • has 1 remap

and too many other features to list. please refer to the link for more details

118b minimum 123 b/o

will end on 10/25 at 23:00 unless b/o is reached

I will pay transfer fee

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

(Djavol Firebreather) #2

bump for a good pilot

(Darkness Yassavi) #3

will end on 8/25 at 23:00 ??? 25.08.2017?

(Djavol Firebreather) #4

Yes 10/25/2017 at 23:00

(Djavol Firebreather) #6

Thanks fot the heads up. I changed it.

(Djavol Firebreather) #7

Bump for a great character. :sunglasses:

(Djavol Firebreather) #8

Bumpity bump bump

(Djavol Firebreather) #9

Bump Bump… Who is it? Its Djavol_Firebreather a great character.

(Djavol Firebreather) #10

Bump up the volume
Bump up the volume
Dance, Dance, Dance

(Djavol Firebreather) #11

Big Bump

(Kaali Hurunen) #12

Cant get the eveboard link to work

(Djavol Firebreather) #13

I will re-post it. Thanks

(Djavol Firebreather) #14

Bumper car

(Djavol Firebreather) #15 no pw needed

(Kaali Hurunen) #16

I dont see you getting 118 but Ill bid 110b

(Fatli Solvent) #17

112bil buy offer

(Kaali Hurunen) #18


(Djavol Firebreather) #19

Thanks for the bids.
Still available

(Djavol Firebreather) #20

nothing can stop me
bumping it all the way up

(Djavol Firebreather) #21

Bump. Bump.