SOLD WTS 18.8M Amarr pilot, 12 Gunnery Vs (B/O price reduced to 14b isk)

Char Sold for 14B

First Derivative

As the seller, I pay the transfer fee.
Positive Sec, in NPC corp, positive wallet, no kill rights.

1+2 remaps, 18.8M SP:
All subcap Lasers V, T2 Small/Med/Large Pulse Lasers.
Drones V
Amarr Frigate/Destroyer/cruiser V
Amarr BS V in 3d 21h days as a of 11:47 03.29, currently in the queue.

Notice the small pulse and beam laser specialization V, and Gallente Industrial/Frigate/Cruiser/Destroyer/BC V

B/O 14 billion (Was 16B)

10 bil

retracted, did the math, not worth that much, sorry

16 Bil accepted, Lorenzo Kakalamba.
edit: in game message sent, awaiting isk
EDIT 2: Offer for 16b retracted by lorenzo kakalamba

I can do 14b b/o

14b accepted Broker of Chamemi, in game message sent, awaiting isk.

Isk and account details sent.

Do note that CCP apparently does not concur plex transfers, so if you were planning to make such a transfer, please send me back the isk. Otherwise if its a regular payment via cc, then Id like to get that char.


Isk received and automatic transfer initiated, char has left my account

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