[SOLD] WTS 2.83M SP Covert Ops/Blops scout alt 19 Days from Cyno V

Looking to sell Eldor McFluster he’s a covert ops/Blops/scout alt toon that has solid PI skills trained. He’s 19 days away from Cyno V which allows him to use Covert Ops Cyno. Perfect for Blops scouting. His wallet has 10M ISK his security status is 0.0, he’s located in Jita, has 0 kill rights, a full set of +4 implants, no jump clones, 2 bonus remaps, and is in an NPC corporation. He’s has a very short employment history but is a solid base character to get you up and on your feet. 39 days away from a Rapier

Eldor McFluster Skills

Starting Bid: 1.7B
Buyout: 3B
Willing to consider a buyout offers above 2.5B.

Online and ready to transfer character.

I’ll buyout for 2.5B right now

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Done you ready to do it now?

Just DM’d you in-game please give account info to transfer character and send isk. Will transfer immediately after isk is received.

let me know in you’re interested in closing the deal…?

Going in game now

Sounds good. I’m online now.

Just sent you a mail. I didn’t see one from you

ISK received character transferred.

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