SOLD WTS 2006 char PVP/PVE - 132+M SOLD


positive wallet
Positive Sec-status (5)
Located in high-sec
implants: +4 on 2 clones
Kill rights : no
Yearly remap available: Yes

Can fly most nullsec doctrines
Can fly a carrier
300k unallocated skill points

PVE standings:
Federation Navy 9.0754
Republic Security Services 8.8781
Duvolle Laboratories 8.9511
5 active research agents

Start bid: 110B
Buyout: None, will sell if I get an offer I can’t refuse

I will pay for the transfer with credit card through account services

I’ll start you at 110, this offer will stay valid. Just mention me if you don’t get another bidder

Thanks for the bid.
Looking to let go @ around 120-125B buyout.

Bumpy !

Bump ! Still for sale

Actually, I was thinking of ending this tonight or tomorrow, so it will be tonight. Offer accepted, please send ISK and account info and I will begin transfer, i’m in US eastern TZ, so it will be either tonight or tomorrow when I get back from work.

Alright, sounds good. I just got home from the hospital so I will send isk and account info asap

Edit: Isk and account name sent from the character ‘Vandermark’

Character transfer initiated, you should receive within 10 hours or so.
Fly safe o7

Confirmed, thank you

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