SOLD WTS 2006 char PVP/PVE - 132+M SOLD

(Rueyotten) #1


positive wallet
Positive Sec-status (5)
Located in high-sec
implants: +4 on 2 clones
Kill rights : no
Yearly remap available: Yes

Can fly most nullsec doctrines
Can fly a carrier
300k unallocated skill points

PVE standings:
Federation Navy 9.0754
Republic Security Services 8.8781
Duvolle Laboratories 8.9511
5 active research agents

Start bid: 110B
Buyout: None, will sell if I get an offer I can’t refuse

I will pay for the transfer with credit card through account services

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #2

I’ll start you at 110, this offer will stay valid. Just mention me if you don’t get another bidder

(Rueyotten) #3

Thanks for the bid.
Looking to let go @ around 120-125B buyout.

(Rueyotten) #4

Bumpy !

(Rueyotten) #5

Bump ! Still for sale

(Rueyotten) #6

Actually, I was thinking of ending this tonight or tomorrow, so it will be tonight. Offer accepted, please send ISK and account info and I will begin transfer, i’m in US eastern TZ, so it will be either tonight or tomorrow when I get back from work.

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #7

Alright, sounds good. I just got home from the hospital so I will send isk and account info asap

Edit: Isk and account name sent from the character ‘Vandermark’

(Rueyotten) #8

Character transfer initiated, you should receive within 10 hours or so.
Fly safe o7

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #9

Confirmed, thank you

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