SOLD -- WTS 22.8mil SP SubCap generalist w/ High Grade Amulet Pod

UPDATE – Holding as sold to Jita Reseller until further notice

This was originally just supposed to be my scout alt, but eventually I used her for High Sec Incursion fleets (hince the pod). Positive wallet, decent standings. Fanciest things she can fly are HS Vindicators and Dram/Kiki/Vedmak. Just cannot afford the sub anymore and looking to find her a good home with someone who will treat her right.

Wallet Balance - 500isk
Kill Rights - none
Jump Clones - None? Only pod is the one she is in now, the High Grade Amulet.

Character is currently docked in Dodixie IX - Moon 20 Federation Navy Assembly Plant.

Starting Bid of 15bil, Buyout at 20bil

P.S. - I work a lot of hours so I can only check this thread a few times a day. Forgive me if I am slow to reply to offers.

I can offer 16B, if u can trade today.

16.5 :slight_smile:

I can do you’re 20b b/o. Bid stand for 3 hours cause i have another bid running on another char

My final offer 17B, if u can trade within this 3 hours.


My apologies for the slow reply, if you are still willing to pay 20 bil then it’s yours.

Currently can do 20b if you accept it than we have a deal. Can transfer tomorrow. At work now

I will marked as sold for now, thank you very much.

Isk and mail with information send

ok, I think I got it figured out. Let me know if there was any issue. My first and possibly only time selling a character :slight_smile:

My main account is Joseph Gh0sty, message me if something goes wrong.

Will do. You gotta reply here that you recieved the isk. And that you tranfsered the character

Ahhh, ok I can confirm that 20 billion isk was received and transferred to my main account. I have paid the $20 fee and sent Scouty to Borado.

Cool thanks! Takes some time for the transfer. Ill let you know wen i recieved hem

Just checking that everything went as planned