[SOLD] WTS 23.5mil SP Tengu Booster

(Maia Calypso) #1


Full set of +5 implants, plus a Republic Fleet Mindlink
23,490,513 Skill Points, and 90,510 unallocated
0.0 Security Status
No Kill Rights
No Jump Clones
2 Available Remaps
11m in Wallet
Tidy Corp History
Currently located in Jita

Open to Offers.

(Clodia Septimus) #2

14b buyout Isk ready

(Red Lola) #3

15.5 bil

(4th Place Loser) #4


(Red Lola) #5

16.50 BIL

(4th Place Loser) #6


(Maia Calypso) #7

accept 17b, awaiting isk and account name

(4th Place Loser) #8

17b sent and Acct info evemailed.

(system) #9

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