(SOLD) WTS 23.6M SP Perfect Anshar and Rhea JF Pilot w/implants

Ms Flynn looking for new home…

20B Asking

Total SP: 23,680,514
Unallocated: 0
Wallet Balance: Positive (4+m Approximately)
Kill Rights: None
Jump Clones: 0
Remaps: 1 available.
Toon Location: Jita 4/4
Corp: NPC
Sec status: 0
Skin(s) of note: Inner Zone Vanguard Anshar Skin

Ms Flynns Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Can confirm I am for sale and looking for new home

15B offer

Thanks but need closer to asking price

Updated price

17Bil offer

Thank you for your bid, but looking for a little more

20 bil would be my final offer

Offers Withdrawn - all the best in selling the toon.

I’ll accept this offer if you are still interested … sorry was sleeping

Still for sale

15B offer please think again

Sorry need 20

18b offer

Thank you but I really need the 20B :slight_smile:

20b offer

Accepted … please send isk and ingame mail with account name and I’ll start the transfer immediately

ISK and ingame mail sent with account name

Transfer initiated …

Please confirm receipt at your convenience

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