[SOLD] WTS 23.7M SP Naglfar Pilot T2 Seige

Selling myself The Ganon

Standings: Clean
Sec Status: 0.0
Location: Jita
Positive Wallet
2 Remaps available
1 clone with +3 basics

Naglfar Focused Pilot with:

T2 Siege
T2 Guns (It has about a day left to train)
Minmatar Dreadnought 4

Can fly Sabre and Malediction aswell

Make me an offer

20 bill

21.5B buy out?

Thanks for offer, the post has been up only a few minutes and would like to see more bids. Thanks

Alright - offer stands for 4 hours and you can make a call then - I think it’s a fair offer.

22 bill

Thank you for the offer! I’ll leave the auction up for another day then I will take the highest bid. I will keep you informed in you are still the highest bidder after the elapsed time.

Been waiting ages for a pilot like this to come up for sale and the day after I inject one you put this up :see_no_evil:

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22.5 bil

Sorry to hear that! I was debating if I should sell this account for a few days so I wish I posted it a day or two earlier now!

I’ve been for sale for like 3 days :stuck_out_tongue:

Ye your to toons shot up in price. Was good to see. This is about as low sp as u can get for such a focused toon. Its worth more than current bids. In before everyone thinks I’m his alt.


24 bil

24.5 bill

25b bil

26 bill

27 bill

27.5 bill

28 bill